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"The Birthday Party" Preformed on "Dancin On Air" 1981
"The Message" Preformed on Soul Train 1982
"Survival Performed on "Soul Train" 1983
"Sign of The Times" Video 1985

(why did we make this video again ?


(please allow a few seconds for videos to load)

"It's Nasty" Video 1981....

(along with "Waterbed Kev" from "The Fantastic Five")

"The Message" Preformed on "The Tube" 1983
"New York New York" Preformed on "Dancin On Air" 1983"
"Style" Video 1986
"The Message" Video 1982
"The Message" Preformed on MTV's "The Grind"
"New York  New York" Preformed on German TV 1983
"U Know What Time It Is" Video 1987

(again why did we make this video ?

"Sun Don't Shine In The Hood" Video 1994
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